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Deciding Where I Can Buy Plastic Bottles


Deciding Where I Can Buy Plastic Bottles

Buy plastic bottles

Deciding where I can buy plastic bottles

If you want to buy plastic bottles, you are spoilt for choice, as there is such a huge range available. Plastic bottles have largely replaced glass bottles wherever possible because plastic is lightweight and easy to transport. It does not break and keeps the product safe in a usable condition for its shelf life. What’s more, plastic bottles can take a range of closures that will be apt for your products.

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Where do you buy plastic bottles?

You can buy plastic bottles directly from manufacturers of the bottles, from websites, from wholesalers and dealers and from distributors. However, before you buy plastic bottles you must decide what kind of plastic bottles you want and which plastic is right for your products. Often plastic bottles made of different plastics cannot be used interchangeably. Other options you should keep in mind:

  • Colors
  • Opaque or clear
  • Various closures
  • Sizes
  • Type of plastic
  • Printing and labeling options

While all these factors come into play, you should also remember that packaging plays a huge role in sales. Sometimes products actually fail due to wrong packaging and, at the other end of the spectrum, attractive and unique packaging that is innovative will help increase sales. Some factors that can influence your decision to buy plastic bottles include:

  • Using recycled plastic bottles that ensure the environmentally friendly tag
  • Buying standard plastic bottles in bulk at wholesale rates
  • Ordering custom designed and molded plastic bottles
  • Using closures that add to product convenience

Deciding where to buy plastic bottles can be a major cause of concern because you can never be sure of product quality, customer service, delivery times and other important issues.

M. Jacob & Sons have been in the packaging business for over a century and can provide the right advice and guidance regarding the plastic bottles that you need. Before you buy plastic bottles, contact us as we have the necessary experience, expertise and can guarantee to source the plastic bottles that you need at the right price, help you with the closures and offer varied printing options as well.


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Best Custom Plastic Bottles Online


Best Custom Plastic Bottles Online

When you buy plastic bottles for your products, you are taking advantage of all the benefits of plastics including the variety of shapes, colors and sizes. In fact, plastic bottles are much easier to custom design and you can even buy custom bottles online with not much effort from a variety of sites. Plastic bottles have largely replaced glass, except for a very few products that cannot be stored in anything else but glass. In fact thanks to fluorination, plastic is used for many products that earlier could only be packaged in glass.

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Advantages of plastic bottles

Plastic bottles offer many advantages both to the manufacturer, the retailer and the end user because plastic is:

·         Lightweight

·         Shatterproof

·         Less expensive in terms of transport and warehousing

·         More cost effective because plastic does not break

·         Easier to custom design and label

·         Available in colors, whether opaque or transparent

·         Offers most of the benefits of glass without the disadvantages

·         Used for healthcare, pharmaceutical, household and industrial products

·         Reasonably priced

·         Available in bulk at wholesale rates

·         Easy to fill and seal

·         Able take a variety of closures

·         Available in a huge range of sizes

You can buy plastic bottles online from sites that sell them at cheap rates – often you can get heavy discounts in closeout sales or overstock sales. And you can buy bottles with caps, or you can opt for different closures that will fit the bottles separately. Plastic bottles can take different kinds labeling, either printed directly on the bottles or separate labels in paper, plastic or film. Plastic bottles can be made of PET, which is very popular for water and beverages, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PP or even Bioresins.

When you want to buy plastic bottles, you should come to a distributor like M. Jacob & Sons. We can offer you custom designed bottles, various printing and labeling options, all kinds of sizes and run and more. Thanks to our global suppliers we offer a very competitive price and you can take advantage of our packaging expertise.


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