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Eco-Friendly Packaging


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packaging waste had a deleterious effect on the environment; despite the best efforts of individuals and responsible manufacturers and retailers, a great deal of plastic and other waste products end up in landfills. These are virtually indestructible and release toxins into the air and also contaminate the soil. Eco-friendly packaging can go a long way in reducing waste and saving the planet. Many products are already being packaged using eco-friendly packaging materials and/or reduced packaging. Some manufacturers are opting for smaller packaging where commercially viable.

packaging distributor

Show your commitment to the environment

When you opt for eco-friendly packaging for your products, you are showing that you are interested in a sustainable earth and investing in its future. Unfortunately not all products are safe and maintain freshness and quality in eco-friendly packaging; in that case it is a good idea to use minimal packaging where possible. With current research and development, many traditional packaging ideas are being replaced with more responsible green packaging.

For instance in some cases, paper bottles are replacing glass. Green bottles are being used for

·         Water

·         Juice

·         Beverages

·         Wine

·         Milk

·         Household cleaning liquids

·         Liquid detergents and fabric softeners

These bottles are lined with plastic, but the paper and plastic are meant to be disposed off separately. Paper is biodegradable or can be recycled and the plastic can also go into the recycling bin.

Apart from containers for liquids, environmentally friendly packaging also consists of reduced cardboard material used for external packaging, air cushions that are biodegradable, bio-tech packing materials (including packing peanuts)made of fungus (mushrooms), cornstarch and potato starch. Like plastic and polystyrene, these are lightweight but unlike plastic they are more eco-friendly.

Green packaging materials are also by and large chemical free and made of sustainable products. This significantly reduces their environmental impact. At M. Jacob & Sons we understand your commitment to the environment and work with you to find eco-friendly packaging materials. We have a range of global suppliers and an in-house design team that will make the packaging of your products attractive, providing added value to your brand.

Eco-friendly Packaging Suppliers


Eco-friendly Packaging Suppliers

One of the key aspects of every product is packaging, and eco-friendly packaging, created by using different types of recycled materials and processes that do not harm the environment, holds the potential to significantly reduce the overall waste contribution in the next few years. Due to the rise in recognition of waste awareness many companies that are turning "green" are on the lookout for environmentally friendly packaging.

Types of Eco-Friendly Packaging

There are many different types of eco-friendly packaging that are not only affordable to obtain, but also show your clients and customers that you care about the environment. eco friendly packaging

  • Biodegradable Plastic

    Biodegradable plastic can be manufactured from many different resources, such as potatoes and corn. These plastics are created specifically to be broken down when exposed to certain decomposing elements. Within the realm of plastic, this is a great step towards a cleaner environment. This type of packaging will not end up floating in rivers for years and polluting wildlife. It will not stay buried in the dirt and continue to harm future generations. Instead, this plastic is able to be broken down within a few short weeks.

  • Natural Eco-Friendly Packaging

    With natural packaging, you are able to utilize resources that are already found in the nature. One of the most popular eco-friendly materials is coconut husk; it is a common material for many different types of packaging as it is very strong and does not absorb water easily. Because coconut husk and other natural packaging materials don't contain added chemicals, they break down easily within a compostable environment.

  • Recycled Packaging

    Recycled packaging is advantageous for many companies because it is not only utilizing previous resources, but it is also helping to cut down on costs. Common materials utilized in recycled packaging include steel, glass, paperboard, and plastics.

Ordering the Packaging  You Need

In order to truly pass your message to your customers, it is imperative that your products are packed within the top quality, suitable packaging. At M. Jacob & Sons, we will not only provide you with all the information you need to become "greener", but will also help you find...


What Are The Advantages Of Silk Screening on Bottles


What Are The Advantages Of Silk Screening on Bottles

The stiff competition among brands in the market requires that you package and present your products in a manner that will catch the attention of prospective customers in order to make sales. For this reason, you need to come up with creative and innovative designs for both your bottles, caps, closures, and labels. In addition, you need to use the best printing techniques for decorating your products.

What is Silk Screen Printing?

In recent years, silk screening has gained popularity, and become a preferred technique for decorating bottles and other containers . The screen printing process involves forcing ink through a silk screen that has been photographically treated. The process can be used for both one color and multicolor prints. Screened bottles offer many benefits over the traditional paper labels; some of which are discussed below.

The Advantages of Silk Screening vs. Paper Labels

  • Durability: Screen printing on bottles addresses one of the biggest problems that paper labels pose i.e durability. Factors such as shelf wear, scuffing, and moisture are known to significantly reduce the lifespan ofWhat Are The Advantages Of Silk Screening on Bottles paper labels. You can use appropriate measures such as waterproof paper to improve the durability of the paper labels. However, this cannot trump the permanent effect created by screen printed labels. Silk screening uses scratch-resistant inks such as ultra-violet ink and epoxy ink to make the decorations last for a long time.
  • Distinctive Branding: Screened bottles enable your products to stand out from the variety of competing products in any retail setting. The labeling is unique, with regard to creativity and design, since it gives you the chance to combine the beauty of the glass bottle to create compelling designs and color effects. This helps you to create a memorable impression on customers. Silk screening can also be used effectively for decorating oval shaped containers and closures, which might prove difficult when using paper labels.
  • Wide Print Area: With silk screening, the entire surface of the bottle is available to be used as a canvas. This is unlike paper labels, where the shape of the bottle dictates the design and size of label. Silk screening enables you to come up with creative designs that are not confined to the shape and size of your bottles. You can also use a variety of silk-screened inks to bring out saturated colors and textural qualities of your designs.
  • Cost-effective: The initial cost that is required for screen printing is quite low, as compared to many other printing techniques. What’s more, it offers a higher ROI, especially for small runs and one-color decorations.

How to Make Packaging Innovation Work For You

Your choice of packaging plays a crucial role in determining whether a prospective customer will give your product a second look. You must ensure that your packaging is effective in order to grow your market share and discover new opportunities. One of the top ways that you could use to attract customers and build your brands is to seek the help of an expert in packaging innovation.

Why you should work with M. Jacob & Sons

  • Exclusive access to manufacturers: Over the years, the company has worked with, and created close relationships with some of the leading consumer product manufacturers from all over the globe. For this reason, they have the expertise and experience to advise you on the latest industry trends when it comes to the materials, sizes, shapes, closures and the packaging options available. This helps you to find the best design and packaging ideas for your products.
  • Lowest prices: The partnership with manufacturers and industry experience enables M. Jacob & Sons to offer their services at rock-bottom prices. This gives you the ability to choose the best packaging products that fit your budget.

Excellent Customer Service: M. Jacob & Sons offers you reliable customer support, which enables you to make the right packaging decisions. They will work with you closely to help you choose designs that are cost-conscious and eco-friendly.   



Where Can I Order Dispensing Pumps


Where Can I Order Dispensing Pumps

Packaging is one of the market essentials.  A product may be of great quality but if the packaging is not right, it will not sell.  As a manufacturer,  your core concern is coming with high quality products.  The guidance of packaging experts will ensure that you get it right.

Packaging of a product is a make or break aspect. The packaging must be attractive and stand out among competing products on the shelf, it must be well- sized,  it must be easy to open and close, it must not drip and it must be strong enough to preserve the product .  Dispensing pumps satisfy all these criteria and more.

There are different types of dispensing pumps however and there are key factors that should be considered when selecting them. This is why it is important to work consultant who will offer valuable guidance as to the ideal choice of dispensing pumps for your products.

A consultant will guide you on the following aspects:

  • Are dispensing pumps the best option?

Some products are best dispensed from a pump rather than a bottle or tube.  This is especially the case for products that are needed in small quantities and  those that  are directed towards specific areas. Examples of such products are laundry stain removers that need to be directed to the stained area and facial spritz that needs to be dispensed in small quantities rather than applied by hand for the desired cooling and refreshing quantity.  The same is true for hair finishing products like hair spritz that needs to be directed in small quantities from above to hold a finished style and thus cannot be applied by hand.

  • What shape should your dispensing pumps be?

It is also important that the dispensing pumps are shaped and sized right. They should be madeWhere Can I Order Dispensing Pumps such that they dispense sufficient quantities of a product and not too much or too little of it.

  • What quantities should the products be packaged in?

Quantity is another important aspect. How large or small should the package and the dispensing pump on it be? Products that are used very often and that do not expire fast can be packaged in a large packages while those that are used in small quantities and not very often should be packaged in small packages with small dispensing pumps. Products like  laundry and carpet  spot stain removers can be in large packages with fairly large pumps while facial spritz are best packaged in small packages with small dispensing pumps.

  • What texture should the package and pumps products have?

Broadly speaking, personal care products should have smooth packaging which gives the user the feeling that this is what the product will help them to achieve. You can also go for an elegant touch with high end cosmetics such as silver or gold colored pump.

  • What kind of labeling should the pumps have?

The label should be classic and stylish for personal care products and bright and cheerful for home care products such as cleaning products. The label should reflect the feeling the product user should get from using the product.

  • Will the product be carried around?

Some personal care products are carried around in handbags and they should be small enough to comfortably tote around.  Home care products are not  carried around and they can be in large packages with well sized pumps.

  • Should you create new interest in your product by changing the current packaging to one with a dispensing pump and perhaps a different label design?

If you want to create new interest in your products, repackaging is one way to do it.  Consider putting it in a container with a pump over it.

Expert consultation
These are just a few of the factors that a consultant will guide you on. You will also be guided on where you can order containers and the dispensing pumps that can go with them.  Get the packaging aspect right and you have got one of the most important marketing essentials right.



Where Can I Order PET Bottles


Where Can I Order PET Bottles

You used a PET bottle, today! If you used shampoo, liquid soap, hair spray, or moisturizer, it came in a PET bottle. If you drank soda, water, juice, or tea from a plastic bottle, it was likely made of PET - polyethylene terephthalate. While that may be a mouthful, this polymer makes some of the world's most frequently used plastic bottles.

The #1 Bottle

You will know a PET bottle when you see it because there is a #1 code at the bottom. It is a hugely popular plastic for commercial packaging of just about any food, medicine, liquid, or toiletry because of its strength and transparency. It is also inexpensive, resealable, lightweight - and recyclable. Recycled, PET makes everything from luggage to sleeping bags and sweaters to underwear. 

Some Major Bottle Manufacturers

PET bottles fill every store and pantry shelf with water, soda, teas, shampoos, soaps, heatable items, and an endless inventory of liquids. Some of the major manufacturers are:

  • Amcor is a global packaging manufacturer originating in Australia. Amcor has a global commitment to sustainability.
  • Plastipak is also committed to lowering its carbon footprint. Headquartered in Michigan, Plastipak now employs almost four thousand people around the world. 
  • Parker Plastics boasts customer-driven solutions. It is a Tulsa based manufacturer of bottles including those for salad dressings that you would recognize. 
  • CKS Packaging, Inc. promises quick lead times and competitive pricing. This Georgia company makes bottles for Florida orange juices, household detergents, and other recognizable brands.
  • SKS specializes in bottles for toiletries, bath, lotion, and pump top bottles in a variety of shapes and colors.

Still, this extraordinarily huge selection can be confusing. One PET bottle doesWhere Can I Order PET Bottles not fit all needs or applications. There are thickness, shape, weight, and color choices on which you need some advice. Acidic juices, fresh water, cleansing soaps, and so on require specific product applications and pricing advice. This is a big enough challenge that you want and need a business partner.

Shaping Your Packaging Future

Of course, if you just want to bottle something, you can pick one from a catalog. However, if you want your product to jump out at shoppers, if you want the product to show through, if color, label, and shape are your identity, you want some advice. You need input on look and feel, materials and closure - all within your budget.

You want resources, relationships and expertise. You want world-class options, improved market share, and innovative futures. You want product, packaging, and return on investment. You want help in complying with FDA requirements and addressing your sustainability concerns. You want exposure to lower-cost alternatives and tamper proof options. And, you want product on-time, on-spec, and on-budget.

Work with a Distributor!

So, you can buy on instinct, experience, or personal taste. Or, you can pick a wholesale distributor like M. Jacob & Sons to work for and with you. You cannot beat working with a distributor who is willing and able to structure a purchasing system for the marketing initiative you want to succeed.. 

Shoppers set price where it meets what they think it is worth. That goes for you, too. As the bottler, you will find it so much easier when you have design-specific and client-specific end-client pricing. You cannot do this without the very close-touch and personal selling relationship.

A leader like M. Jacob & Sons is in a position to help you explore local and global resources. They understand custom molds and attention grabbing designs.  They can introduce you to and negotiate needs for you - in labeling, imprinting, silk-screening, or pressure-sensitive labeling. Whew!

They assign you a design team to help you to conquer your most challenging objectives from packaging concepts to 3-D models to mold completion. The team's mandate is to serve you personally, directly, and cost-effectively in packaging, delivery, and competing on the store shelf.




Top 5 Facts About Resin


Top 5 Facts About Resin

Packaging is a very important aspect of marketing. As a manufacturer or marketer you will need to get proper packaging for the product you wish to sell. The type of bottle depends on what type of product you are dealing with, therefore, you should be able to pick a suitable type of bottle after careful consideration. Picking a good packing bottle is however just for starters. Ensuring it sells is another task on its own. This is where you will need to be creative, hence the need to decorate your packaging bottle.

Ø Identity

Decorating your bottle gives the product an identity. Apart from the brand name, which should feature prominently, it may include a picture of the product on the bottle so that the face does not look plain. This familiarizes the product to the current and potential buyers. It acts as a label without which identifying the product would be difficult. The most important thing in marketing a product is the brand name because it is the name that sells. However, adding some flair to the product’s appearance would not be a bad idea.

Ø Marketing purpose

How presentable your product is in its package is important as it is and could also serve as a very formidable marketing stunt. Humans have long been known to respond greatly toTop 5 Facts About Resin whatever catches their eyes. If at face value your product is appealing, getting market would not be as hard. In simpler terms, if whatever you are selling, in its package has these effects, then you are almost guaranteed that it will sell.  

Ø Differentiating

Decorating the packaging bottle is also important in differentiating products, especially if you are in a monopolistic type of business, where there are many buyers and sellers who have perfect knowledge of the market and deal in the same type of product. In such a case, it becomes essential for you to differentiate your product from those of competitors. Even when the product is identical to those of competitors, different decorations on the bottle would be what draws the line between which one sells and which one does not.  Ensuring that your product in its package stands out in market shelves would secure your market and give you a competitive advantage over other competitors. Having secured a wider market, you can control the market and it can also earn you good profits, which happens to be the main goal of most businesses aside from providing services to your consumers.

Ø Reusability

It is also an important thing to do depending on whether you intend for the bottle to be reusable by the consumer. Bottles that do not lose their original look after whatever content they were packing is exhausted, tend to be reusable. This is especially the case where you are dealing with drinking bottles. Decorations that are relatively permanent market your product even when they are not on the shelves. This is because the decoration which is meant to advertise your product is still there. Someone consuming an unrelated product using your package would still be advertising your product unknowingly.

In conclusion, decorating a bottle does not necessarily mean just making it look appealing to the eye. Apart from it being a form of advertising, it should convey some crucial information such as directions of use and in a very simple and straight forward manner. The ingredients should also be well captured together with the side effects of the product if any and the safety precautions that should be taken in case of anything. In this era, it is a formality to do so but to make it appealing you cannot be so obvious. Give it a little flair, a little class so that instead of just conveying information, it can actually help u sell.



Where Can I Buy Clear Bottles


What Is The Best Method For Decorating A Bottle

They say that you can't judge a book by it's cover, but when it comes to the packaging of your product this could not be further from the truth! Clear bottles that have been carefully customized and strategically designed are more likely to catch consumer's eyes. Because your packaging can be what makes or breaks your brand,it's critical that you find the right manufacturer to purchase your clear bottles from. Here is a closer look at several factors that should influence your decision.

Experience - In order to place your faith in a packaging manufacturer, the company must have a strong reputation and a long history in the business. M. Jacob & Sons has been offering innovative solutions for clear bottles, and has been providing stellar customer service since 1885 - that's over 125 years of experience in the industry. In fact, the company is so widely trusted that they have successfully provided clear bottles and other packaging for:

  • Pzifer
  • OxiClean
  • Amway
  • Dow Chemical
  • Pepsi

Customer Service - What is it that sets M. Jacob & Sons apart from the rest? It is first and foremost their dedication to customer satisfaction. The company understands the importance of unique, quality packaging for a brand name, and strives to go above and beyond to provide the best clear bottles and packaging solutions possible. The expert team is not interested in offering "clone" bottles to multiple clients, but instead, strives to help each customer achieve their own customized packaging through innovative though processes and:
  • Watching Trends
  • Evaluating the Competition
  • Analyzing the Current Market
Innovation - As mentioned previously, M. Jacob & Sons are a leading expert in providing innovative packaging solutions. . In fact, the packagingWhat Is The Best Method For Decorating A Bottle manufacture is one of the best and only entities around with the ability to spot and nurture creative thinking when the moment is right. In fact, the company first showed its knack for forward thinking and trend setting even before the 20th century, as in the late 1880s they were able to pinpoint plastic as an ideal product for clear bottles and other packaging in the future. Soon, the trend caught on like wildfire and plastics are still used to day. 

Customizability - It is their truly creative way of thinking that makes it possible for M. Jacob & Sons to help clients develop truly revolutionary brands via unique and aesthetically pleasing packaging. The company helps its customers to select from various packaging concepts. provide 3D model imaging, and mold completion in order to determine what individualized look will work best for the clear bottles used for product containers. 

FDA Compliance - At  M. Jacob & Sons, it is clearly understood that providing packaging solutions absolutely must be completed within the framework of the law. Because of this, the company guarantees that all packages provided to their clients are specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And going above and beyond this act of compliance, they also provide packaging which adheres to the "Good Manufacturing Practice Manual".

Child Safety - The team at M. Jacob & Sons is always concerned about the wellbeing of children, and therefore strives to put an emphasis on safety features. This is why the company utilizes state-of-the art technologies to offer:
  • Child proof tube and gel caps
  • Tamper evident devices
  • Heat seal liners
  • Breakaway bands

Variety - Clients at M. Jacob and Sons are always provided with many options for clear bottles and other packaging needs like:

• Plastic
• Glass
• Bottles
• Jars
• Hot fill
• Flexible packaging
• Pouches
• Filling
• Multilayer
• Tubes
• Closures
• Triggers
• Pumps
• Dosage systems
• Shrink sleeve
• Sprayers
• Corks
• Dispensers
• Flourination
• Eco-friendly packaging
• Senior friendly packaging
• FDA compliant packaging
• Tamper evident packaging
• Child resistant caps and packaging
• Custom design

Don't settle for less than the best. Choose M. Jacob & Sons to meet all of your needs for packaging and clear bottles.



What Is The Best Method For Decorating A Bottle


What Is The Best Method For Decorating A Bottle

Selecting a bottle and its decoration for your product is the key to its overall marketing success.  A properly decorated bottle will make huge differences in overall sales and customer impression of your products.  Design possibilities are endless and creating an effective bottle decoration can be difficult without the advice of experienced expert.  M. Jacob and Son's has the experience to help you decorate a product bottle which will lead to your product's marketing success!

Your product's bottle decoration should include several key marketing components.  An effective design will appeal to the consumer to convince them to buy the product.  The decoration must distinguish your product from the competition.  It must appeal to the consumer's five senses as well as their sense of need for the product.  It also has to establish trust in your product.  Knowing your target consumer group will help establish parameters to begin the design process.  To effectively decorate your product bottle you would need to start with deciding upon the following design elements.

1.  Choose an effective color.  Color of the bottle itself and/or labeling is very important in appealing to the consumer.  Colors such as red and yellow may help to urge consumers to buy your product while other colors may help your product stand out on the shelf.  Soothing colors may appeal to the consumers need for relaxation.  Colors definitely influence the consumer's emotional response to your product and therefore should be carefully selected to create aWhat Is The Best Method For Decorating A Bottle favorable impression of your product and its use.

2.  Choose a font.  Sometimes a font can speak for your product more effectively than the words you write.  Fonts should always be easy to read.  Bold fonts help to draw attention to the most important points of your product.  Fonts can also appeal to the consumer's emotions such as a font that mirrors a child's handwriting is playful and could be marketed to a child's product.  A basic no frill font can lead the consumer to believe that you take your product seriously and that it can be safely trusted.  Your company, product name, or brand should be the focal point of your design so that people see it first.

3.  You may want to include graphics.  Graphics can help your product stand out from the competition.  Consumers are drawn to images and can eventually relate the image with brand recognition.  The size and placement of the graphic should be appealing to the eye.  Graphics of people who have used or are using the product helps the consumer picture themselves using the product as well.  

4.  Select a label size.  The size of the label is also important especially if you are using a bottle which is clear to show the product.  You would not use a label that is too large and obstructs the actual product.  A large label however can draw more attention to your product if standing out on the shelf is of most importance.    

5.  Select a label shape.  A particular label shape can distinguish your product or it may work better with the shape of the bottle itself.  The shape of the label should compliment the overall design of your bottle.

6.  Select a label material and finish.  Some designs will look better on different materials and with select finishes.  These small details can really make a difference in how your product looks next to the competition on the shelf.  Your goal is for a polished presentation to show off your product in the best circumstances possible.  

All of these decisions can really help you effectively design the best decorations for your bottle however having an expert on your side can really make your product shine.  M. Jacob and Sons' friendly customer service members are ready to assist you.  They have exclusive access to manufacturer's around the world who are ready to create the perfect bottle for your products.



How Do You Fill A Tube


How Do You Fill A Tube

Uses of Tubes

Tubes are ubiquitous in the packaging of lotions and cosmetics, as well as some hardware materials such as anaerobics, greases, and polishes. Depending on the product and your company's look, tubes may be made of materials such as hard plastic, laminate, and aluminum. This variety of form and function makes tubes an excellent choice for packaging liquids, gels, and pastes.

Basic Filling Procedure

Efficient technology is used to fill tubes automatically by machine, creating products in bulk with minimal waste. Pneumatic systems, which use air pressure to operate, make problems such as spills and incomplete seals nearly impossible. We work only with companies with the highest sanitation and manufacturing standards, which ensures products have the longest possible shelf life, and are never contaminated by industrial processing.

Tubes are filled with great speed by machine - a single machine can fill over 1,000/hour. Depending on the size of the bottle being filled, most machines have a filling accuracy of +/- 1%, which greatly limits waste. The filling nozzle is cut off pneumatically, which prevents wasteful leaks. Many machines have a label sensor, which prevents the wrong substance fromdescribe the image being used. Similarly, a no tube - no fill device allows machines to sense whether or not a tube is present. Every waste prevention measure helps to ensure that the packaging of your product does not come with excessive costs.

Two main types machines are used; within each category, various machines are used based on whether the tube is plastic, metal, or laminated. A tube hopper is the most commonly used machine (its operation is discussed below), although high pressure pumps are also an option.

For each batch of tubes, the tube hopper is programmed to stay at a certain temperature. A volumetric dosing system ensures that the tubes are filled to a set volume. In addition, the filling process takes into account factors such as any pumps or wands (as in mascara) that will be present.

Procedure may vary slightly depending on your product, but in general the product moves through several stations on the machine:

  • The tube is filled from the bottom up using a piston
  • It is then is heated, in preparation for being sealed
  • It is sealed pneumatically
  • Excess material is trimmed
  • A batch code is applied
  • The finished product is ejected

The finished product has a minimal amount of excess air space thanks to, a seal which keeps the product sanitary, and the structural integrity to endure shipping and shelving.

Your Needs: Materials, Aesthetics, and Beyond

What you need from a tube will vary based on what product it will be holding - contents may vary from watery substances like toners to thick pastes such as polishes and glues, and everything in between. Special machines exist to fill cream and ointment tubes, since these often require medical-grade steel. Industrial substances may have a corrosive effect on materials like plastic, which must be taken into account when choosing the tube material.

The packaging of your product always affects the label design; width and curvature, height and angle of the sides, all affect how it can be decorated, and how much information can be contained on the label. All our clients have access to a tube decorating service, where we work to make sure your product stands out among the rest.

While all tubes are filled with a similar procedure, it is clear from a trip to any hardware store or cosmetics department that there is a wide range of functional and aesthetic variation between products. From the type of dispenser, to the volume held, to a shape and color scheme that makes your product stand out, M. Jacob & Sons strives to make sure that your packaging is just as excellent as your product.



Is M.Jacob & Sons A Manufacturer


Is M.Jacob & Sons A Manufacturer

There are many consumer products that cannot reach the market unless packaged in the right type of a bottle or container. Companies producing such are always on the lookout for manufacturers who will not only provide reliable and versatile packaging options but also do so at a pocket friendly cost.

In bid to help such companies get their bottling needs met, there are different companies that have taken into responsibility of taking a record of providers and connecting them to potentials customers. The mixing and matching takes place after a client contacts such a  site and places an order defining the preferences they would like in the container provider they are looking for.

One such company is M.Jacob and Sons. There is a question that arises from the tricky position that this company plays in the field. Is M.Jacob & Sons a manufacturer? The answer to this is short and simple, No. the company does not in any way manufacture the products it puts forth to the customer but should be viewed as a broker or middleman in the business helping customers get suppliers with the least hassle possible.

The management at MJacob & Sons understands that the container that you sell your product in is your ambassador in the market. With this in mind, the company has created a database of possible manufacturers who can meet your needs head on at the least cost possible.

After having been in the field for almost 125 years now, it is still hard to convince clients with regard to the question is  M.Jacob & Sons a manufacturer. This is because the company’s enthusiastic staff does exactly what a manufacturer will do; It takes in your needs, listens to you desires and if possible suggests what they think is best for you.Is M.Jacob & Sons A Manufacturer

If you are a client who does not want to know how the packaging products get to your production house, then you can rest assured that M.Jacob & Sons will handle all the extra procurement paper work and actual running about efficiently.

The long it has stayed in the market has seen to it that the company has the necessary connections to implement successful container procurement. The company can help you procure containers for different occasions ranging from garden spray cans to environmentally friendly containers.

Another thing that makes the answer to the question is M.Jacob & Sons a manufacturer is the fact that the company can also allow you place an order for a custom made piece. To do this, the company has an able team of designers who will take in your order and process it through 3D modeling and even actual mold completion of the suggested designs.

 It is after this designing that the company then takes you finished blue print and contacts a real time bottle manufacturer to make the products for you. Emphasis is laid on the fact that once you are done with the designing phase, you can sit back and wait to pay the bill and get the product.

The numbers of designs in store is unlimited, the able team of designing is ever developing more as market taste and preferences change. By playing this role that is partially the job of a manufacturer, MJacob & Sons not only creates controversy around its transactions but also takes over the loose but engaging job letting the other companies do what they do best.

The summarized answer to the question is M.Jacob & Sons a manufacture therefore becomes they are not. To back this up is an explanation summing up who they are to you. To the customer, they are a designing company and a procurement mediator who takes your needs and either gives an existing design or helps you crate one. To the container manufacturers, M.Jacob & Sons is a heavy-duty customer who designs bottles and places orders in bulk.



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